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Cowork Central

Rooms available by the day or week for workshops and events

Need a private space for your company retreat, workshop or meetup? With high speed internet, desks, chairs and a great view we have a range of great options that are ready to jump into and get started with a range of spaces available depending on the number of people and day. If you are hosting a free workshop, talk or event that our members might be interested in we can sometimes make the space available for free as long as entry is also free. Please get in touch if you have a specific project in mind and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Príncipe Real

1/2/3 person room
30€ exc IVA / VAT
36.9€ inc IVA / VAT
Price per day

This room, is perfect for a solo developer or small team looking for a quiet spot to really focus on their work.

  • Fully furnished room with one large table and chairs for up to 2 people (3 could fit at a push)
  • Private air conditioning
  • Gigabit internet via ethernet or super-fast wifi
  • Storage cupboards, natural light and plants
  • Full use of the Cowork Central facilities included (crazy-fast internet, coffee, meeting rooms and our wonderful community)
  • Weekly rental also available – 140€ + IVA per week
  • Monthly/long term rental also available – 500€ + IVA per week.

Cais do Sodré

1/2 person private bunker
24€ exc IVA / VAT
29.52€ inc IVA / VAT
Price per day

We have a great little office which is perfect for one or two people to focus quietly on getting work done without distractions. Great also if you need to make a lot of calls all day, every day. The room is fully furnished with one large table plus chairs for up to 2 people, with good natural light and lots of plants. Full use of the Cowork Central facilities is included.

  • Crazy-fast internet
  • Coffee
  • Lovely bunch of coworkers
  • Weekly rental also available – 100€ + IVA
  • Monthly rental also available – 375€ + IVA

Príncipe Real

Room for 4 people
60€ exc IVA / VAT
73.80€ inc IVA / VAT
Per day

We have two small air-conditioned rooms at Principe Real with space for 4 people – one has individual desks for 4 (6 at a squeeze) and the other room is a small meeting room (with a shared table for up to 4 people).

  • Super-fast wifi
  • Free coffee
  • Whiteboard
  • Air-conditioning

Cais do Sodré

Room for 10-15 people
125€ exc IVA / VAT
153.75€ inc IVA / VAT
Per day

This room is suitable for groups of up to 10-15, depending on the use. The room comes with one large table, chairs and a magnificent river view. Available for rental by the day on weekdays, weekends or public holidays.

  • Single large table (not moveable)
  • Super-fast wifi
  • Free coffee
  • Whiteboard
  • Great river view

Príncipe Real

Workshop space
25€ exc IVA / VAT
30.75€ inc IVA / VAT
Per hour

A lovely space with tiered seating is perfect for workshops, talks or meetups in groups of 5-20 people. Available during evenings and weekends.

  • Projector
  • Raked seating
  • Super-fast wifi
  • Coffee

Cowork Central provided our team with everything we needed to develop our project smoothly for 3 weeks: good coffee, helpful team, great environment and location and enough glass windows for post-its! The location is perfect! Go!

Rui Gorgulho

Get in touch

If you have any questions then please use the links below to get in touch with our lovely hosts, Chen, Magda or Tom – we’ll respond to you in an instant.

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