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  • Giacomo from Italy loves Cowork Central even with his emotional baggage
  • Our last Mexican dinner at Cowork Central Principe Real was a blast

A warm welcome to our cowork family

Our family spans the globe, a diverse bunch of people spanning dozens of countries and countless professions – designers, software engineers, translators, digital marketing wizards, startup founders, illustrators, consultants and even wedding planners – we’re open to nice people everywhere. We even have a dog or two at times.

Home is where the heart is

As freelancers ourselves we understand how hard it can be to work at home every day, with the washing-up to distract us and only the cats for company. We missed the focus and fun of a real office, so we’ve tried to create the perfect environment to share ideas, inspire and collaborate. We hope you like it as much as we do!

We provide a home from home for around 100 people every day – but our family of coworkers is many times larger. Some join us every day, some come once or twice a week, others are more spontaneous. Some are based in Lisbon full time and others just come to escape the long northern European winter. We are a big, happy mix from all walks of life. And Cowork Central is our home.

We love our family - sharing ideas and making fun weekend plans is what we're all about at Cowork Central

Member benefits

Whether you have just stepped off the plane or are an alfacinha de raiz we believe in bringing people together. Coworking is all about you – whoever you are, wherever you’re from, however long you’re here for.

By fostering deep connections between our members and the city in which they have chosen to live we help people to build a successful and happy life in Lisbon. We do this through facilitating and creating an open, friendly and stimulating environment which makes it easy to find kindred spirits and make new friends and colleagues while not forgetting that what you came here for – to get your work done.

  • Vibrant, friendly community – both online and offline – helping you to get up and running in Lisbon
  • Workshops, events and meetups, hosted at Cowork Central or around the city
  • Weekly Friday drinks and informal lunches and regular group dinners – including our infamous #secretlunch
  • Our regular #surfbus whisking you off to the coast for surf lessons
  • Member-only online directory and Lisbon events calendar
  • Practical help with things like finding an apartment, getting set up with lawyers and accountants, or starting a business in Portugal
  • Local information on where to get Portuguese classes, finding the perfect yoga studio or where you can see your favourite band
  • Exclusive deals with local services, cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Proud member of the Made of Lisboa initiative.

Lovely place to work, very friendly and always there if you need anything.

Florence Crawley

Member directory

Current coworkers represent, to name a few, Portugal, Brasil, USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Canada, Colombia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Chile, Venezuela, Israel and Poland. Pull up a chair and make yourself at home! If you'd like to be featured here (even if you’re not here for the long term), complete our community questionnaire and we’ll be sure to add you.

Companies and individuals that call Cowork Central their home

  • Chen
    Community Manager, Cowork Central, Portugal/Belgium
  • Margarida Azevedo
    Margarida Azevedo
    Managing editor, Portugal
  • Andrew Betts
    Andrew Betts
    Developer relations engineer, UK
  • Anonymous Coworker
    Anonymous Coworker
    CTO, UK
  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis
    Founder, Cowork Central, UK
  • Cécile Delpeuch
    Cécile Delpeuch
    Events project manager, France
  • Pete Downs
    Pete Downs
    Data scientist, UK
  • Alicia González-Camino
    Alicia González-Camino
    Freelance translator, subtitler, Spain
  • Silke Jellen
    Silke Jellen
    Translator and interpreter, Germany
  • Matti Kotsalainen
    Matti Kotsalainen
    Software engineer for Apprl, Sweden
  • Pedro Marques
    Pedro Marques
    Photo editing automation expert, Portugal
  • Christophe Mendes
    Christophe Mendes
    Product designer at Little Big Design, France
  • Alex Reynolds
    Alex Reynolds
    CEO, Teacher Horizons, UK
  • Luísa Silva
    Luísa Silva
    Architect and engineer, P42, Portugal
  • Andrew Wilshire
    Andrew Wilshire
    Designer and writer, UK
  • Gonzague du Couedic
    Gonzague du Couedic
    Founder, L8Flight, France

Cowork Central Alumni

  • Eliana Arredondo
    Eliana Arredondo
    Marketing Manager, USA
  • Désirée Melusine Blanchard
    Désirée Melusine Blanchard
    Business mentoring and coaching for non-tech startups, Brasil / Portugal
  • Jenny Cahill-Jones
    Jenny Cahill-Jones
    Senior online editor, UK
  • Ruskin Constant
    Ruskin Constant
    Developer, UK
  • Anonymous Coworker
    Anonymous Coworker
    Implementation Consultant, UK / Germany
  • Anonymous Coworker
    Anonymous Coworker
    Grantwriter, Netherlands
  • Luís Dias
    Luís Dias
    Product Manager, Portugal
  • Stefan  Frede
    Stefan Frede
    Code sherpa, Germany
  • Ananda  Garcia
    Ananda Garcia
    Digital marketeer, Brazil
  • Javier Gil
    Javier Gil
    Linguistic Project Manager at Lingvist, Spain
  • Katie  Kelly
    Katie Kelly
    Marketing Consultant and Curator of Stories, No Wanky Bollocks, UK
  • Samir Khimji
    Samir Khimji
    Trader, Portugal
  • Giacomo Miceli
    Giacomo Miceli
    CEO of a One Person Organisation, Italy
  • Giacomo Neri
    Giacomo Neri
    Builder at WiseBits, Italy
  • Zofia Niemtus
    Zofia Niemtus
    Freelance writer, UK
  • Rowan Price
    Rowan Price
    Consultant, Stampede Strategy Group, USA
  • Alex Psiuk
    Alex Psiuk
    Passioned creator, Germany
  • Katy  Pugh
    Katy Pugh
    Teacher, writer, proofreader, Zimbabwe
  • Diana Reinoso
    Diana Reinoso
    CDO Glue Digital, Spain
  • Guilherme  Salgado
    Guilherme Salgado
  • Margot Sandy
    Margot Sandy
  • Nikolaj Tørring
    Nikolaj Tørring
    Ninjaneer, Denmark
  • Nino Škopac
    Nino Škopac
    Software developer,, Croatia
Philipp loved Cowork Central Cais do Sodré during his time as a member here

Great location with a lot of nice desks and equipment. The staff is always friendly and tries to help you with all the problems you might bump into. On top of that you’ll be invited to a group so you can join people for lunch, surfing or simply having a beer or coffee!

Philipp Meißner,, Germany

Get in touch

If you have any questions then please use the links below to get in touch with our lovely hosts, Chen, Magda or Tom – we’ll respond to you in an instant.

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