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Flexible hotdesk passes for a day, week, 10 days or longer

Use this page to reserve a desk for the day, week or longer at Cowork Central online. If you are unsure of which plan would be best for you please see our desk space page or compare features or book a tour to make sure we’re a good fit for you. If you are looking to come a month or more please check out our monthly desk options or check availability. We accept payments by credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

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Booking information
Choose your package
    • Day
      12.50€ exc IVA / VAT
      15.38€ inc IVA / VAT

      Your very own desk for the day – grab a spare desk and get to work. Book online to secure your spot in advance.

      Selected plan Most popular
      Week 24/7
      75€ exc IVA / VAT
      92.25€ inc IVA / VAT

      In town for a week or more? This pass is great for any 7 consecutive days. It's the only option apart from a fixed desk includes 24/7 access. Includes weekends. A key deposit may be payable.

      Selected plan Most popular
      Monthly desk - special offer for December!
      100€ exc IVA / VAT
      123€ inc IVA / VAT

      Our most popular package, with a monthly desk you’re really part of our cowork family. You get your own desk with 24/7 access. Bring your photos of your loved ones – even your dog!

      Selected plan Most popular
      5-days / Week
      50€ exc IVA / VAT
      61.50€ inc IVA / VAT

      If you're looking for flexibility then our week / 5-day pass is the most cost-effective option. Good for any 5 weekdays. (We also do a version for 7 consecutive days which includes 24/7 access.

      Selected plan Most popular
      10€ exc IVA / VAT
      12.30€ inc IVA / VAT

      Our roaming pass gives you access to our lounge and kitchen area for the day – no desk, no frills – perfect when you just need to get some work done for a few hours

      Selected plan Most popular
Optional extras
  • Screen hire and 24/7 options are subject to availability. Please let us know which type of connector you have and we can confirm availability. We mostly have HDMI and mini-displayport available and sometimes USB-C.
Date and location Dates and location
  • Day 1 First day / Wednesday 23 January 2019
  • Add one day at a time, choosing the location in which you'd like to book a desk. You will be charged for one day/roaming pass for each day listed below. Add one day at a time, choosing the location in which you'd like to book a desk. Your start date is the date selected above. Week passes are valid for 5 consecutive days unless you have upgraded to 24/7 access in which case your pass is valid for 7 consecutive days (ie one full week) from the first date selected. The last day of your pass is . For logistical reasons, the first day of all week passes must be a week day (during our normal opening hours). We only need to know the first day you'd like to book - you don't need to add all your dates now, though it’s helpful to know when you are coming, especially as we are sometimes very busy.
Billing information
    • If you are based in Portugal we are unable to invoice you without IVA/VAT; tax must be included to complete your order. Change your billing country to remove sales tax.
Invoice information
This information is optional. If we have already have you on our system just let us know the company name so we can find you easily. We’ll send you an invoice by email using the billing details above. Be sure to include your tax ID, VAT ID or NIF / NIPC at the top of this page if applicable as well as fill out the information below.
Additional info
  • If you have any requirements or questions please let us know here.
  • We send very infrequent mailings to our members (once or twice a year). We will never pass your personal details on to anyone else.
Terms and conditions
    1. We accept cards from Visa (not Electron), Mastercard and Amex. Payments processed by Stripe. Once your order is confirmed we will send you details to make payment via bank transfer
    2. Total to pay: --.--€ (excludes IVA) --.--€ (includes IVA)